Training Programme



Become a channel for healing – join our healing accreditation programme.

Each trainee participates in our training which will enable them to demonstrate a level of knowledge and skill sufficient to attain accreditation as approved by the British Alliance of Healing Associations (BAHA).

During our two year training programme Trainees will:

  • Learn how to work within our Code of Conduct and Ethics guidelines as determined and set down by BAHA
  • Gain practical experience of a healing practice (e.g. complete 100 healing sessions)
  • Learn all about the theory involved.  This information is contained in the Training Guide, copy of which each Trainee receives when they sign up to the training programme.

A strong commitment is encouraged in order for the trainee to gain the most from our training programme.  Like everything in life – the more you put in, the more you will get out.

This will be discussed in detail with each new participant so they are aware of what is involved in becoming a trainee and how this can best be achieved.

The cost of training is:

  • £10.50 per annum which covers membership to the British Alliance of Healing Associations (our governing body for healing) and Balens who supply our insurance cover.
  • We hold regular meetings whereby trainees are expected to attend to undertake healing and share knowledge.  A contribution of £3.00 per trainee/per meeting is expected to help contribute towards heating and lighting.

If you are interested in joining our training programme to learn how to enhance your life and the life of others, then please do get in touch to discuss further.