Therapeutic Healing

Receive energy healing through the gentle laying on of hands

The therapeutic practice of working with your energy involves the gentle laying on of hands (or in very close proximity) which enables you to receive the help that will improve your physical and emotional health.

Whilst receiving this energy healing you are:

  • seated in a chair
  • fully clothed and,
  • listening to soft background music

The energy therapist will ask you if there is a specific area you would like the healing enrgy to be focussed on, if not that’s fine, you take the opportunity  to just relax into the music and make the most of the peace and tranquility.  You may feel emotional during the session or at the end, this is perfectly normal – it is just your ‘stuck’ energy being released flowing freely once more.

Regular energy healing is a great way to keep yourself well balanced as you are building up the positive energy in your body.  So go ahead and arrange a session – you will thank yourself afterwards!

Experience a healing session as part of our regular weekly meditation sessions.

We offer an accredited training programme for energy healers and if a trainee is available at one of your sessions then we will ask your permission for this person to work with you.  They will of course be under strict supervision at all times.

There is no specific charge for energy healing sessions, however donations are gratefully received as all donations and go to Rainbow as they help keep the ‘doors open’ so to speak, and help with the heating and lighting.