Relaxation through Meditation

What better way to calm yourself than through relaxation and meditation.  At Rainbow the key to our work is through meditation and relaxation.  Our guided meditations and relaxation exercises are simple and straightforward.  If you have not meditated before then that’s OK as we can help.  Just sitting in the peace and tranquility works wonders for your health and well-being.  This is a time for you – a time where you can relax and unwind.

Come and join us on Wednesday evenings from 7.30 – 8.30pm for meditation, relaxation and healing.  We lock the doors sharpe at 7.30pm to avoid any interruption to the meditation process, so please ensure you join us in plenty of time ‘to avoid the locked door’ so to speak.

Everyone has different ideas and expectations of what they want to gain from meditation.

Meditation is about:

  • allowing your mind to be alert and attentive
  • allowing your mind to be calm
  • being in the moment – not worrying about the past or the future
  • meditation is a process – a beautiful, inspiring journey rather than just a destination


  • more balanced emotions
  • decreased stress, tension, depression, anxiety
  • improved sleep pattern
  • improved confidence and concentration – a new sense of identity and connection
  • enhanced self-awareness
  • peace of mind, optimism and self-worth
  • improved health – strengthened immune system
  • a sense of greater spiritual connection
  • a time for you

If you would like to come to one of our group meditation sessions which are usually followed by energy healing, then please do get in touch to confirm dates and times.  Each meditation session lasts for one hour.  There is no fee for these sessions, however as usual donations are warmly welcomed.