Our Introductory Mindfulness Half Day Workshops offer you the opportunity to gain an insight into how Mindfulness Meditation can easily be integrated into your everyday life and how you can reap the benefits.

For clarification:

  • Mindfulness is a meditative practice which involves paying attention to what is happening as it happens
  • Meditationis a great way to learn relaxation and attention at the same time
  • You have to sit still to meditate, but you can be mindful in any daily activity.
  • Meditation focusses inwardly, however
  • Mindfulness relates to our actions, thoughts, emotions and state of mind.

Through your daily Mindfulness practice the quality of your mental health and well-being is greatly enhanced.  For example:

  • Reducing stress, anger, anxiety, depression
  • Improving your sleep pattern
  • Creating a greater connection to yourself

which in turn helps you to manage your daily life in a more positive way.

Each workshop usually:

  • consists of between 2-5 participants
  • timings – 00-1.00 or 2.00-5.00
  • charge £tba per person


Mindfulness Walks

Attending one of our monthly Mindfulness Walks is a good introduction to mindfulness and a great opportunity to meet with us on an informal basis and to ask questions.