Clairvoyant Readings

Mediumship – communicating with the Spirit World – what does it really mean?

Our purpose as Spiritualist mediums is to demonstrate that life is eternal, that our soul survives and continues to exist after death which means we work as a bridge, or connection, between people here on earth and those who have made their transition to the spirit world.

There can sometimes be a little confusion around the terms Mediums, Clairvoyants or Psychics.  Know that Spiritualist mediums study and train to become controlled or directed routes for Spirit communication so that the source of any information received is known to be sound and genuine.  Spiritualist mediums seek to give evidence of survivial of death and upliftment for those who are mourning.  They do not predict the future. All mediumship is governed by UK consumer protection regulations 

We have helped countless people over the years through using our vast skills in Clairvoyance, Counselling, Healing, and Meditation.  As we all know there are times in our lives when we would like a little extra help and upliftment, this is when we and our spirit guides work to help you.

We take our spiritual work very seriously and spend time preparing for each individual reading or clairvoyant event to ensure that you receive the best possible connection with those in the spirit world.

Whatever fees are charged for private readings or donations received at our monthly events, know that these monies are given directly to Rainbow to ensure its financial stability for now and the future.

Want to communicate with and receive a message from your family and friends in the spirit world? Then book a face to face (1:1) reading, and enjoy the experience. Each session will be for approximately 30-40 mins – depending on how many people come forward to communicate with you!! The cost – £25 for each session.

All money goes to Rainbow Meditation and Healing Trust.

Alternatively if you would like to give someone a gift voucher for a reading then these are available. £25 for a full reading and £12.00 for a mini reading.

Looking forward to hearing from you.