January 2020

Monthly clairvoyance evening – 26th January 2020

We wish to thank everyone who came along to our last evening of clairvoyance for 2019, it was literally standing room only.   We start again on Sunday 26th January and look forward to seeing you and your friends then.


Our next Workshop will be on Saturday 7th March 2020, Pishwanton Woods

This beautiful unique setting is owned and managed by the Ruskinmill Trust. 


Walking in and Connecting with Nature – Saturday 16th November, Pishwanton Woods

Pishwanton-0068What a fantastic time was had by all at our second in the series of four events ‘Walking in and Connecting with Nature’.  The weather had been very wet during the week but on Saturday morning it stopped long enough for us to have a Mindfulness Walk through the woods.

Our Mindfulness Walk took us through and around the woods.  The ground was very wet underfoot and at times it felt as if we were wading through a pond.  You had this feeling as if everything was ‘floating on water’ but at the same time being cleansed ready for the winter hibernation season. You felt the stresses and strains of the week just melting away as you ‘waded’ through the woods and literally soaked up the atmosphere. It was interesting to see ‘different angles’ of the woods as a lot of the trees had lost their leaves, and the undergrowth had died down, creating a different ‘view’ of the woods.

During the walk we took the opportunity to ‘hug the trees’ and found this a very emotional experience.

There was the opportunity to admire the traditional craftsmanship and skills involved in creating and building the building we were using that morning.  We had the stove lit and the candles burning, it was very atmospheric and conducive to our work that morning.

In this second workshop we were covering the autumn season (in our first one we covered the summer season) and all the beautiful colours the trees and undergrowth shared with us.  We spoke of how colour plays an important role in our lives e.g. does our mood affect the colours we wear, or is it the other way round.  We have seven colours of the rainbow which are the same as the seven colours of our chakras.  Colours have spiritual meanings and sometimes we are drawn to certain colours for a specific reason.  We also worked with the ‘dowsing rods’ to see what season we were drawn to, and this proved to be very accurate.

As we are covering the seasons of the year and how each season can affect us in different ways, we linked into the fact that our life goes in ‘cycles’ – seven year cycles (there’s that magic number again 7).  According to Rudolph Steiner seven year cycles are extremely important to doctors, teachers, social scientists and psychiatrists because of how our mind and body changes every seven years.  Steiner linked these cycles to astrology.

After this we moved on to the spiritual art side where participants were given the opportunity to create their own inspired work of art, linking up with the 7-year life cycle theme.  Murray and Paula then ‘read’ and shared the spiritual messages that were connected to their creative pictures and it was amazing how accurate the information was.

The workshop finished with each person being given a Rose Quartz crystal as a reminder of their time spent at Pishwanton Woods and to remind them how important it is to keep connected to Mother Nature in order to maintain their mental health and well-being.   


Meditation and healing

Our weekly Wednesday evenings of meditation and healing are continuing and  if you are interested in joining us then please do come along.  Timing is 7.30pm until 8.30pm.  If you have not meditated before, not to worry, as we will teach you. 

This is an opportunity for you to give yourself some ‘me time’.  If you would like further information then please do get in touch.