November 2019

Walking in and Connecting with Nature – Saturday 16th November

Would you like to:

  • spend time in the countryside in a unique setting?
  • benefit from meditation?
  • learn more about the cycle of life?

Then come and join us for our second in a series of four  ‘Walking in and Connecting with Naturehalf day Workshops which will be held on Saturday 16th November within Pishwanton Woods, East Lothian

Timing is 10.30-13.30.  Fee is £15.00

You will learn more about:

  • meditation
  • Autumnal colours
  • the cycle of life – and have the opportunity to draw your own through Spiritual Art

If you are interested in coming along and or would like further information then please do get in touch.

Monthly clairvoyance evenings – 24th November

We look forward to you joining us again at our next clairvoyant evening which is on Sunday 24th November. This will take place in our healing room, starting at 7.30pm until 8.30pm.  There is no entrance fee, however donations are warmly welcomed.


Walking in and Connecting with Nature’ – Saturday 10th August 2019

What a fantastic time was had by all at our first in the series of four events ‘Walking in and Connecting with Nature’.  The weather had not been great during the week but on Saturday morning the sun shone through and down on to us as we entered the Pishwanton Woods.

Pishwanton-0019[1]There was a real buzz of excitement and anticipation and this carried on throughout the morning.  We started off with a mindfulness walk through the woods.  The ground was wet underfoot but you could smell the mixture of damp earth and wet undergrowth and as the sun was coming out you could feel the warmth rising up from the ground.  You had this feeling of being in the middle of nowhere; however at the same time being connected – connected to nature.  You could just put your hand out and touch the beauty of Mother Nature – wonderful – the stresses and strains of the week just melting away as you walked through the woods and soaked up the atmosphere, just listening to the birds and literally feeling ‘the rain drops falling on your head’ as the water rolled off the trees as you walked through them.

There was the opportunity to admire the traditional craftsmanship and skills involved in creating the animal shelters, the outbuildings, fences and gates.

After the walk we went back inside and talked about our aura – the energy field surrounding our bodies, and how this energy field is affected when we are not feeling too great, or being surrounded by negative people.   We looked at photographs taken by a special ‘aura’ camera before a ‘hands on healing’ and then at photographs taken after a ‘hands on healing’.  The difference was amazing – the energy field in the first photo appeared ‘dented and misshapen’ with the colours and the chakra points appearing very dull.  In the second photograph, taken after a healing, the energy field was a completely different shape and with the colours of the energy field and chakras being very vibrant and strong.   All this emphasising the importance of keeping ourselves healthy in mind and body.

We then worked with dousing/divining rods to measure a person’s aura/energy field and then went on to learn how to use the rods in identify areas of the body that needed healing.  This was all new, exciting and revealing to the participants.

After this we moved on to the spiritual art side where participants were given the opportunity to create their own inspired work of art.  Murray then ‘read’ and shared messages that came to him from their creative pictures and it was amazing how accurate the information was.

The workshop finished with each person being given a Green Aventurine crystal as a reminder of their time spent at Pishwanton Woods and to remind them how important it is to keep connected to Mother Nature in order to maintain their mental health and well-being.    

Meditation and healing

Our weekly Wednesday evenings of meditation and healing are continuing and  if you are interested in joining us then please do come along.  Timing is 7.30pm until 8.30pm.  If you have not meditated before, not to worry, as we will teach you. 

This is an opportunity for you to give yourself some ‘me time’.  If you would like further information then please do get in touch.