Paula Rowe is the Chairperson and co-founder of the Rainbow Meditation & Healing Trust.  The Trust’s aim is to help people maintain and improve their mental health and well-being through relaxation, meditation, energy healing, workshops, counselling and mediumship. Paula continues to build up the excellent reputation of this charity, aided by volunteers.

She has helped countless people over the last 20 years through using her vast skills in, Relaxation, Meditation and Counselling. Working mainly in the East Lothian district of Scotland, within the Musselburgh Healing room.

Paula works extensively with adults, dealing with a variety of issues in their lives, and everyone she meets, has come out the other side, full of praise for her involvement in meeting their needs. Through sharing your thoughts and ideas with her, Paula helps you create and realise your dreams.

Paula studied for six years to become a Counsellor and has worked in many areas of expertise, with unparalleled success rates. She helps you embrace change so you can reach your creative potential and she helps you make the most of your natural resources in new ways. Paula’s aim is to ensure that your time spent in whatever form of therapeutic practice you choose is healing, informative and most of all enjoyable.

Knowing the benefits of connecting to Nature through  meditation and spiritual activities, Paula offers a series of half day workshops which give you an insight into how these practices can easily be integrated into your daily routine and how you can benefit from connecting to Nature on a regular basis.   For further information about these workshops then please get in touch with Paula.

Paula has been working as a Spiritualist Medium since 2006 and absolutely loves working with Spirit.  To find out more about her work then please get in touch.  Paula belongs to the Spiritual Workers Association.