About Us

Rainbow takes great pleasure in providing a safe space for people to dedicate time to themselves through relaxation, meditation and other therapeutic practices.

Therapeutic Practices

All our therapeutic practices take place in our therapy centre at 47B Bridge Street (2nd Floor), Musselburgh. We offer you the opportunity to improve your physical and emotional health through our therapeutic practices. For those of you who are unable to attend our centre, then home visits can be arranged. All our therapeutic practices are considered as complimentary therapies and are not in place of conventional medical practices.

Relaxation through guided meditation

Our relaxation exercises and guided meditations are simple and straightforward.  If you have not meditated before, then that’s OK, as we can teach you if you wish. You can just sit in the peace and tranquility and soak up the gentle music. Each session will last an hour. Relaxing and meditating improves your mental health and well-being.


We offer effective and practical help if you are experiencing conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression or simply just want the opportunity to talk through a specific situation in your life. Each session will be for one hour. For more information click here

Energy Healing

This therapeutic practice of working with your energy involves the gentle laying on of hands in order for you to receive the help that will improve your physical and emotional health. Whilst experiencing this energy work you are seated in a chair, fully clothed, listening to soft background music.

Absent Healing

We appreciate that the Internet reaches all corners of the world, far beyond the reach of our physical services. If you would like healing directed to you and/ or your loved one(s) wherever you are, please fill in and submit the form on the Contact page. We keep a record of requests and ask for healing to be sent on a regular basis.

Thai Massage

This therapeutic practice uses no oils or lotions, with the recipient remained clothed, wearing loose, comfortable clothing and lying on a mat on the floor. There is constant body contact between the giver and the receiver with your body being compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked. In Thailand, a dozen or so subjects may be receiving massage simultaneously in one large room. There is a standard procedure and rhythm to the massage, which the giver will adjust to fit the receiver.

Mindfulness Workshops

Through this half day introductory workshop we offer you the opportunity to gain an insight into how Mindfulness Meditation can easily be integrated into your everyday life and how you can reap the benefits. There is a small charge per person for our workshops which usually consist of between 2-5 people/per workshop.

For further information on any of our therapeutic practices, please contact in the first instance  enquiries@rmht.org.uk